[clug] "Neighbour table overflow"

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Tue Oct 28 18:14:08 EST 2003

At 5:27 PM +1100 2003/10/28, Matthew Hawkins wrote:
>Kim Holburn said:
>> At 4:15 PM +1100 2003/10/28, Matthew Hawkins wrote:
>>>Kim Holburn said:
>>>> At 1:58 PM +1100 03/10/28, Matthew Hawkins wrote:
>>>>>Umm.. you can increase the size of the table via a /proc entry.
>>>> Which one?
>> I read somewhere that you need to have:
>> gc_thresh3  > gc_thresh2 > number of entries
>Well, that should probably be gc_thresh3 > gc_thresh2 > gc_thresh1 >
>number of entries.
>You'll want to look at modifying all three.
>And no, I don't *think* 3 subnets on two networks is enough to fill the
>default cache sizes, as from memory the default is something in the range
>of thousands.  I don't have a Linux box handy to check though :~(

I did say 3 *9-bit* subnets that's potentially 1536 hosts and gc_thresh3 was set to 1024

>I started playing with increasing these cache sizes until I maxed one out
>and still had the neighbour table overflow problem (albeit it took a lot
>longer to occur) and the dud route was discovered.  Fixing the real cause
>solved the issue.

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