[clug] "Neighbour table overflow"

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Tue Oct 28 16:30:50 EST 2003

At 4:15 PM +1100 2003/10/28, Matthew Hawkins wrote:
>Kim Holburn said:
>> At 1:58 PM +1100 03/10/28, Matthew Hawkins wrote:
>>>Umm.. you can increase the size of the table via a /proc entry.
>> Which one?
>>>But what
>>>you might like to do first is make sure you don't have any dud routing
>>>table entries (eg, cyclic ones) that are causing this problem.
>^^^^^^ that is important to check out because there's no way in hell on an
>average system you'll be legitimately overflowing the table.  It's too big
>by default.

The machine is  a router with 3 9-bit subnets on 2 interfaces.  Would that do it?


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