[clug] X over 802.11b

Michael Manning michael at catman.homelinux.org
Mon Oct 27 18:50:50 EST 2003

I am using the most of my X client apps from desktop in the study to my
laptop in the lounge room on 802.11g and have very little time delay in
anything at all. I use evolution, mozilla, cooledit, gedit and have even
played the occasional xmovie to show off the abilities of X11 to those
windows sceptics.

I know its not a long distance or anything like that, but most wireless
installations are only for small deployments and  close proximities
anyway - you can't expect too much from radio waves.......

On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 15:45, James Macnicol wrote:

> Although I do vaguely remember what running X over 14.4k modem feels like
> (did that about 10 years ago), I'm not too impressed with X over 802.11b
> which does feel *slow*.  I'm not doing anything fancy, just editing stuff in
> a single xterm window with screen, a couple of shells and a tty-mode emacs.
> Does something like LBX help here or is this the best that can be done?  Has
> anyone compared this type of thing with the newer 802.11g cards and does it
> feel any better?
> Thanks.
> James


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