[clug] Sun - free to good (any) home

Chris Henman henman at pobox.com
Wed Oct 22 17:20:05 EST 2003

Does anyone want to borrow my chinese bamboo sly drool (with cracked 
cursor)?  It might help ...

Michael Carden wrote:

>>Sorry, am just busy tring to get my SOR algorithm for a steady state 
>>heat simulation working with MPI, and struggling.  My apologies for the 
>Hey, I'm still trying to crosslink the bistatic nodes on this encabulator,
>and all I have at my disposal is a MK1 foonslide, but do you hear me
>complaining?  :-)
X.A.S. d'Uomo-Gallina

Take care, bottoms up, keep on taking the tablets.

Praise be to Allah and cheers to Echelon in these ammonium
perchlorate days of Christian joy, Commrade,

            Barone Xavier Abdul Septiceamus d'Uomo-Gallina

PS Oops, I almost forgot our little legalease ...

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