[clug] Fedora and the future of RedHat

Michael Cohen michael.cohen at netspeed.com.au
Tue Oct 21 19:53:19 EST 2003

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- From the below URL: "It is not a supported product of Red Hat, Inc. "
does this mean that red hat will not be responsible for releasing patches etc, 
for it? will it affect the time at which patches are available? 

If it is not supported by redhat it will need a large user community like 
debian currently has to ensure a quick patch cycle (even debian is a little 
slow at times). In an enterprise you really do need that kind of support and 
I believe the Redhat Enterprise Linux (the version supported by rh) at 
$1350.00 a pop is way overpriced (it is more than windows in some 
orgenizations with MS site licenses). 

This could really affect the takeup of linux in the enterprise. RH is seen as 
the standard linux in the enterprise (because it gets the most publicity) and 
asking people for that much money for a product which has been effectively 
free so far really kills any business economy. People were counting on this 
economy in the linux migration and this is something they have not expected.

I personally think debian is most appropriate for the enterprise but most 
managers never heard of it nor do they trust it because there is no company 
behind it. RH finally got to the stage where it is accepted, and it was 
actually making money recently, but now i fear we will see a mass migration 
away from rh, to the detriment of linux in general.

I would have been happy to use the up2date service to patch my servers but i 
was informed that i will need to buy the es edition as of next year, because 
up2date would not be sold seperately any more - i am having second thoughts 
now if to continue with rh at all.

maybe i have a big misunderstanding on the whole issue. opinions anyone?


On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 07:29 pm, Daniel McNamara wrote:
> Hi Brett,
> Not at all. The Fedora core is still a desktop and still freely
> available to downlad (I'm currently beta testing Fedora test 3).
> Basically Fedora will be free to the public and will form the core of
> all Red Hat products but there enterprise editions will have a slower
> release cycle and longer support. Read the FAQ's at:
> http://fedora.redhat.com
> Or if your still confused pop a question to one of the Fedora mailing
> lists/IRC channels (both listed at the site).
> Cheers
> Daniel
> Brett Worth wrote:
> > I've been searching around on the net and cant find an answer to this.
> >
> > Does the Fedora project mean that Redhat will no longer make their
> > desktop distribution available for free download?
> >
> > Is RedHat 9.0 the last free wholly RedHat maintained desktop
> > distribution?
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