[clug] OT: Web hosting (again)

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at openminddev.net
Thu Oct 16 23:18:58 EST 2003

Hi all,

I've been running my own server at home for a bit over a year now, and 
although I may live to regret this, I've decided that I'd rather host my site 
somewhere else and let someone else do things like patch the server etc, and 
I can just focus on fun things like writing code etc.

I am looking for MySQL and PHP support, and Webmail.  At least some kind of 
anti-spam option would be good.  Mailing list support would be useful too but 
not essential.  SSH access definitely useful, and ideally some way to edit 
the Apache config file for my domain - but could live without that if I can 
contact someone to edit it for me and it doesn't cost too much.

I would like to keep my DNS servers with ZoneEdit, mainly since I feel it 
gives a degree of independance.  (Pointing my ZoneEdit name-servers somewhere 
else takes a minute or two, and propagates across the internet very quickly.  
As I understand it, a change in name-server delegation takes longer to 
propagate and is the cause of many 'change in webhosting' woes.  Someone 
please correct me if I'm wrong.)

A quick review from posts to the list late December 2002 early January 2003 
(listing those that at least generally meet the requirements and are under 
$25 month).

http://www.nmnhosting.com  $22  30MB disk + 1GB traffic - runs on FreeBSD - 
has anti-spam
http://www.phpwebhosting.com US$10 125MB disk + Unlimited traffic
http://www.aussiehosts.com.au $10 100MB disk + 3GB traffic
http://www.echo-host.net $22 80MB disk + 2.5GB traffic
http://www.inspired.net.au $22 (inc MySQL)  100MB + 100MB traffic
http://www.webarama.com.au $17.95 20MB + unlimited out, $0.15MB incoming 
(australian servers)
http://www.smartyhost.com.au $80 per year, 50MB + 20GB traffic per month
http://www.digicommander.com $18.50 50MB + 4.5GB traffic

I have a minor preference for a Canberra provider, and a moderately strong one 
for an Australian provider.

Any other suggestions?



Rasjid Wilcox
Canberra, Australia (UTC +10 hrs)

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