[clug] Wake-On-Lan with AOpen AK778X, 3C905C-TX?

grail at goldweb.com.au grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Oct 15 12:36:11 EST 2003

Perhaps I too need to be beat around the head with the clue bat, but I've
been having no luck at all in trying to get WOL to work on this machine:
 - AOpen AK778X-N
 - Athlon 2400+ XP
 - 3Com 3C905C-TX w/WOL
 - Linux 2.4.21

I've followed the advice given by Donald Becker which includes running
config-pci to snoop the PCI registers on the card. I've been sending Magic
Packets from a machine connected to the same broadcast 10Mbps hub, so
there are no issues with a switch not knowing which port that MAC address
is connected to. The link light is on when the machine is switched off,
due to the standby current from the ATX power supply. The WOL cable is
connected between the card and the mainboard.
I do not see any registers changing when a Magic Packet is addressed to
that card.
I've tried cold-powering the machine (removing power cables, pressing the
power button to make sure there is little or no residual charge, leaving
the machine for a few seconds, and trying again) - but even when powered
off, with no drivers loaded, the card doesn't seem to react to WOL
Apparently Linux network card drivers turn off WOL by default, "for
security purposes" - I've loaded the card with the enable_wol parameter,
which made no difference, and Donald Becker's advice was to try the card
out before any drivers had been loaded (not after drivers had been
unloaded, which implies that the drivers had previously been loaded
So here's my last ditch cry for help - has anyone managed to get WOL
working with a 3C905C-TX?  What age does the goat need to be, and do I use
a silver dagger or gold sickle when sacrificing it over the network card?

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