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Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Sat Oct 11 09:54:09 EST 2003

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 08:38, Jim Watson wrote:
> openoffice has bridges to various environments (python, c++, java etc) which 
> may allow you to do those things, see
> http://api.openoffice.org/DevelopersGuide/DevelopersGuide.html
> On Sat, 4 Oct 2003 16:19:52 +1000, Rasjid Wilcox wrote
> > For myself, I particularly want cross-platform compatibility so I 
> > can easily have both a Linux, Windows and ideally Mac client with 
> > 
> > Personally I am more after a 'real' programming environment.  Once a 
> > database project gets to a certain complexity, MS Access (and I 
> > suspect OpenOffice too) just becomes too unweildy and too hard to 
> > maintain.  I have (mostly) decided upon Python / wxPython. 

Hi Y'all,

Thanx to all those who gave me pointers, I have now got some decent data
base tools. I have decided on using a mixture of MySQL Server,
iSQL-Veiewer, Mysql-Navigator unixODBC and OpenOffice 1.1.

With this group of tools I can now manipulate the data. BUT I now need a
user friendly way of data entry. I was thinling along the lines of a web

Can anyone point me to a relatively use frindly way of creating web
forms that can tie Apache and MySQL together to create a forms based UI
for my databases?

Any Help would be appretiated.

Randall Crook
rcrook at vtown.com.au

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