[clug] CLUG parking fine

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 8 16:23:34 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 08:54, Michael Carden wrote:
> An update for those who recall the parking fines issued to some attendees of
> the August CLUG meeting.

including me

> I wrote a polite letter to the ANU parking people explaining that the

I saw the futility and gave up on the last day I had. Just too busy.

> signage indicated that I had selected a 'Visitor' parking location and that
> I had no means of knowing that 'Visitor' carries a different meaning in ANU
> parking parlance.
> I received a letter in reply quoting a large slab of section 10.2 of
> something [gee, I forgot to read the copy of section 10.2 I carry around
> with me] and some waffle about the rules having to be applied to everyone
> equally [i.e. if we let you off, they'd all want to be let off].

Maybe we should go through the OHS rules to find a violation, they must
be violating something ;) Failure to provide refreshments in the lobby?

> The letter also explained that the parking officer who issued the ticket was
> interviewed [Hey Bob, did you nail this one?   Yep, got him fair and
> square!] and he confirmed that the car was parked 'illegally.'

it's good to know there are so many impartial parking inspectors about

> So it has cost me sixty dollars.

me too

> MC

I have gained a new appreciation for the Flinders Uni parking people.

I was there last week visiting some academics and as I had a computer to
carry in I forgot about getting a day pass ($2.20 for the same rights as
everybody else). They got me on the second day I was there ;) During a
holiday in an empty carpark of course.

The fine was $20. The policy is that you sign a form with only your
name, address, rego, student number, and your first offence each year is

This amounts to the bare minimum they need to prove to their superiors
that people who receive this pseudo-fine don't reoffend that year.

Whereas ANU would prefer it if people would reoffend as often as
practicable. They don't have all that many bays you can pay for the day
either, unlike Flinders where every non-reserved bay is payable in one
form or another via machine.

Shame, ANU, shame. (I can say that, I'm an employee).


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