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On Wednesday 01 October 2003 13:27, Damien Elmes wrote:
> "Chris Pilkington" <pilch84 at hotmail.com> writes:
> > I would have thought all you Linux people would build your computers
> > from scratch, out of parts from the computer fair (Cheapest).  I find
> > Unix/Linux harder than putting together computers, but then, I only
> > have a few years experience in Linux and too many years experience in
> > making computers.  It may just be me, but I prefer to save my money
> > and put it all together myself.  Just have a go at putting it together
> > yourself, it's easier than you probably think it is.
> I don't think anyone mentioned buying pre-built computers. I tend to
> prefer online retailers, because if you shop around you can find
> prices close to that of the markets, and it's more convenient and
> easier to chase up a warranty claim. But if there's a markets on
> around the time I need to purchase something, it's worth going along.
> I haven't had any problems with gear I've gotten there.

I put together my current desktop from parts from a computer fair, and it was 
substantially cheaper than buying a pre-made system (even from the fairs).  
However, I have had two components play up or die.  Firstly, the power-switch 
on the case partly broke - not enough to be a problem, just enough to feel 
wrong and tacky.  Secondly, the memory was dodgy.  Initially not enough to be 
obvious - but just enough to cause random system crashes for 'no apprarent 
reason'.  Several months later the memory died sufficiently to render my 
machine unbootable - and I then worked out why it had been acting a little 
strange for so many months.

I never got around to trying to chase up the vendor I bought the memory from.  
It just seemed like way too much work for potentially very little gain.

Putting a system together from scratch was a good experience, and really not 
all that hard, but I've done it now and unless I'm sure I'm going to be 
saving quite a bit of money, in future I will buy pre-made systems that come 
with a well defined warranty.



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