[clug] .au Debian mirrors

John newsx1 at bestpond.com
Sun Nov 30 12:10:09 EST 2003

> Hi,
> I'm in the process of convincing the Debian folks that decide where
> ftp.au.debian.org points to, to change from PlanetMirror to anywhere
> else that doesn't spit out 404's for everything. :-|
> So far, I've found:
> mirror.pacific.net.au
> mirror.aarnet.edu.au
> mirror.internode.on.net (unreachable) 

Sorry,...but Internode ftp mirror is Very Reachable, and they have just 
enabled rsync. They have recently been upgrading their mirror servers, so 
perhaps you simply tried at the wrong time. 

I remember reading that Debian was in the process of being updated last 

Even better for Node users as it is unmetered.


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