[clug] Learning C in a Unix environment

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Fri Nov 28 10:02:35 EST 2003

On 28 Nov 2003, Andrew Pollock <andrew-linux at andrew.net.au> wrote:

> I also know Linux quite well from a Sysadmin perspective, and from
> reasonably low-level debugging, so I'm after something that doesn't start at
> the beginner's level of "this is an if statement, this is a loop, etc etc".
> Even if anyone can suggest some good books aimed at my level. There seem to
> be a few GNU books that look interesting...

K&R.  The original and probably still the best.

It doesn't cover anything specific to gcc or Linux, but you probably
already have some idea of that and you can pick up the details from
the manuals or some other source.

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