[clug] Newbie posting again...

Michael Smith Michael.Smith at itplanet.net.au
Tue Nov 25 18:30:40 EST 2003

Hi Guys,

I posted the other week, asking for recommendations on an OS for a
Server I have at home; the options were:


Retain as W2k and patch

Install RH9 (and then try and learn how to use it!)

Install NT4/Exchange 5.5



Anyway, the answer was kindly provided for me by the OS itself, which
promptly died on the Saturday :-( 


I installed a temporary W2k Server O/S on an old P2 350 I had lying
around (so I can use mail etc), and installed RH9 on the Quad P-Pro
Server, which went OK, (except for X which doesn't seem to like 1Mb
video cards and crappy no-name 15" monitors...*shrugs shoulders* -
although I solved that by disabling the onboard video and installing a
32Mb PCI card I had lying around). Nice to see a seamless SMP kernel
that works! (thanks SUN - or shouldn't I have said that? :-))


Anyway, now I have a nice Linux box sitting there doing...well...not
much actually. I've installed Webmin and used it locally (can't get it
to work from another box *more shoulder shrugging*) and have "attempted"
to configure Samba, DNS, Apache and a few other things, with limited


In short, I'm probably going to need help to get this thing running
properly. I've ordered Chris Negus' RH9 bible in the interim, and have
downloaded a fair bit of other doco (along with the latest incarnations
of Webmin, Samba Bind etc etc), but am still struggling. (The RH9 bible
will probably take a few weeks to get here).


Anyone know of any good newbies guides to getting a Server up and
running (at least in a basic sense) in the short term?


Again, sorry for the dumb questions... :-(






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