[clug] experiences with Red Flag Linux?

Simon Cousins simon at simoncousins.com
Tue Nov 25 12:11:02 EST 2003

Dear Cluggers,

I'm working up here in Beijing for a part of the government which publishes
English magazines (mostly for tourists and expat business people).  I've
been tasked with getting the portfolio of publications onto the web.

I've been provided with a whoppin' great dual-P4 server and rackspace in a
serious datacentre.  I have also been delighted to have been given a choice
of OS.  Needless to say my first inclination is to blow the W2K off the disk
and slap up Linux.  This being China, I'm naturally thinking Red Flag Linux
(or Hong Qi, as it is locally known).

I've asked one of my team's geek girls to write me a brief report on the
distro, but I wonder if any of the Cluggers have used Red Flag?  At this
stage all I know is that it's a Red Hat derivative.

Any experiences to share before I commit?  Website is being built in


Simon Cousins
simon at simoncousins.com

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