[clug] Dead laptops

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Tue Nov 25 02:25:13 EST 2003

On 24 Nov 2003, at 22:23, Grant Morphett wrote:

> I have 2 dead laptops in my possession.  Umm, what should/can I do 
> with them?  Be
> nice;-)

> Pentium 233 MMX - working
> 2Gig HDD present but stuffed I think
> 800x600 12" TFT screen but won't turn on 95% of the time.  Think the 
> power to the
> screen is stuffed but the screen itself is ok.
> 32Meg RAM

Ideal name server/ADSL router material. Nice and quiet, and comes with 
its own built-in UPS :)  Even better deal if it accepts SODIMM.


"Adding more programmers to a late project generally makes it later."
   -- Fred Brooks, "The Mythical Man Month"

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