[clug] PCI wireless cards

Nathan Robertson nathanr at nathanr.net
Mon Nov 24 16:29:39 EST 2003

On 24/11/2003, at 3:45 PM, Mark Triggs wrote:

> I've just recently got a Netgear MA311, and I've had quite good luck
> with it. My laptop is running a Linksys WPC11 and I've got them
> networked quite happily. I'm running kernel 2.6.0-test8 and using the
> orinoco drivers that it ships with. There's a touch more information on
> the steps I took at http://dishevelled.net/wireless.html if you're
> interested.
> I also had problems with the "I'm not working" messages you described,
> but upgrading each of the boxes to kernel 2.6 seemed to completely fix
> the problem.

Thanks. That site certainly sums up what I've seen with that card. I'll 
give 2.6 a go on that box. :-)


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