[clug] Debain 2.0

James McNeill j at jamesm.id.au
Wed Nov 19 11:03:44 EST 2003

Hey Everyone.

I'm chasing a copy of Debian 2.0 (think it was Ham?). Has to be 2.0, nothing
else will do.

the reason? It's a little embarasing. but ... I wrote what I thought was a
copy of my boot sector (& a bit of my partition table) onto my hd. I didn't
make a backup because I'm stupid. And the file I was writing from turned out
to be god-knows-what any-thing-but-what-I-thought-it-was.

So I'm thinking that if I recreate my partition table exactly, all of my
data will magically re-appear. So I need the verson of cfdisk i used to part
up my disk all those years ago; was whatever came with Debian 2.0.

So if anyone can send a copy my way I'd be eternally thankful. Unless
anybody knows of an easier way to recover my poor lost partitions.

Thanks & kind regards,

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