[clug] OT: Life-span of motherboards

Michael James Michael.James at csiro.au
Tue Nov 18 11:25:02 EST 2003

On Monday 17 November 2003 18:18, Phil and Marlene Carter wrote:

> How long can I expect a motherboard in a PC to last?
> I have managed to cook 2 motherboards (in different computers)
> in the last couple of months. The boards were about 2-3 years old.

There was an artical in Silicon Chip about a batch of dud
 capacitor electrolyte causing problems worldwide about then.

One company had a formula, then somebody who knew it left
 and started making it, then 2 of his techs did the same to him,
 but got it wrong.  Their cheap brew went through the low
 reactance cap market with the effect that computer power supplies
 (the regulators on motherboards) blew spectacularly
 leaking corrosive goop everywhere.

Sounded a bit like the motherboard problems the Bunyip had?


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