[clug] OT: Life-span of motherboards

Phil and Marlene Carter mcarter at homemail.com.au
Mon Nov 17 18:18:19 EST 2003

Gday all,

This is not a particular Linux question, but I'd appreciate some advice.

How long can I expect a motherboard in a PC to last? I have managed to cook 2 motherboards (in different computers) in the last couple of months. The boards were about 2-3 years old. I suppose that, given the pace of advances in computer technology, getting 2-3 years out of a computer is not all that bad, but on the other hand, I would have expected more than 2-3 years use out of a motherboard in not-too-demanding home/home office use.

Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of my new motherboards? I don't know offhand what brand of motherboards I have destroyed, but are some boards better than others?  

Thanks in advance,

Phil Carter

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