[clug] Send mozilla an F11 signal without pressing F11?

Geoff Smith gsmith at geoffco.net
Mon Nov 17 08:57:22 EST 2003

Not really.

The particular instance of mozilla I have in mind is running on a box 
with no keyboard in a locked storeroom, and I want a cron job restarting 
  mozilla at 3 in the morning, every morning. And I don't want to have 
to go to that machine, plug in a keyboard and press F11 for some 
fullscreen goodness...

Basically mozilla is running as a presenter to a bunch of TVs, but it 
starts to flake out after about 18 hours - hence me wanting to 
automatically restart  it when no one is looking.



Simon Burton wrote:
> Wow, F11, that's amazing... !
> I have done stuff like this for setting up my multi-terms where they should
> be (my vim ide), it involves python/pythin-xlib but it's not entirely easy.
> hitting F11 is easy, no?
> :)
> Simon.

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