[clug] Re: Mysterious mbox behaviour: Solved; sortof

Pearl Louis pjl124 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Fri Nov 14 16:24:51 EST 2003

I guess I should have done this first, but I just went to the kmail webpage 
and looked at their bug list.

Problems with kmail failing to compact random mailboxes, seem to be a problem 
with versions of KDE ranging from 2.9.2 up to and including 3.2 beta on 
various different distros (Debian, SUSE, compiled yourself etc.).  Seems like 
a pretty old bug. Affects maildir mailboxes as well.


Seems though that the workaround the kmail people propose doesn't always work.

Considering the initial bug report was June 2002 and it is still an open bug, 
I think I might just move to another mail program after all...It's a pity, I 
really liked kmail.


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