[clug] Apache running as its users

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Fri Nov 14 14:22:11 EST 2003

I wonder if you could set it up using virtual servers:
at say port: 21${uid}
and alias them to ~user

I'm not sure if you can automate this in httpd.conf .  Is there a way of getting a uid from a username inside httpd.conf?

Or maybe if there's not much activity put the user's httpd invocation in inetd.conf?

At 12:33 PM +1100 2003/11/14, Michael James wrote:
>Here's a repeat question, maybe someone has read
> something useful in the interval.
>I need to provide integrated web, ssh, and file transfer
> access to my site.
>ie: a user uploads a file using samba or ftp
> and can then reference it on a web form.
>The results then exist as a text file in their home directory
> that they can perhaps manipulate in perl on the command line.
>Then they can be downloaded, again using the preferred method.
>Authenticating users and then running apache
> as that unix user seems the best solution to me.
>Using the underlying unix access controls
> saves me writing them into CGI.
>suexec exists and is well enough tested to serve
> but switching users is generally hard-coded
> into httpd.conf on a per-site basis.
>ie: different virtual sites run as different users.
>What I want is to switch on a per get basis.
>In the authentication phase, once the ID token (cookie, headers)
>has been accepted, priveledge switches to that user.
>This would work independant of the type of page
>be it; plain html, cgi-perl, java, or php.
>Any comments, suggestions?
>Or am I on the wrong track?

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