[clug] Mysterious mbox behaviour

Michael James Michael.James at csiro.au
Fri Nov 14 14:23:38 EST 2003

On Friday 14 November 2003 13:28, Pearl Louis wrote:
> I've noticed that my large mbox mailboxes hadn't been decreasing in size 
> though I've been going through and pruning messages and I could have sworn 
> that I had deleted enough messages to make some difference.

In Settings:Configure KMail:Folders
 the last section deals with actions on exit.

"Compact all Folders" will actually weed out the deleted mails.
Folders can also have the property that messages expire
 after a set time, I've just set up a "Current" folder to try it.
That's what "Expire old messages" is about.

I use and quite like KMail, with a few little niggles.

I wish the "Unread" counter for a closed mail folder showed
 all the unread messages in the contained mailboxes.
It would make it harder to miss new mail filtered into a hidden mbox.

And the conf file is an abomination,

Filters=1	# Why?

Anyway you won't see 1 and 2 until you edit that as well.

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