[clug] Hello I'm a spanish new user. HELP FOR IRIX

Ferretero Herraduras Clavo fer_lista_correo at yahoo.es
Fri Nov 14 06:35:59 EST 2003

I'm writting to this mail-list because i've not found an IRIX mail-list.
I had installed samba65.2.2.8.tardist pakage in a old O2 (made by SGI). I'want use samba to interchange files between my PC with MsWinXPHome and the O2 with IRIX 6.5.13m.
I've been reading the samba-HOWTO-collection.pdf file. In chapter 4, "Hosting a Microsoft Distributes File System tree on Samba", where I've found the information more interesting for do this.
But not work.
Someone can help me?
You can write me in spanish if you want


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