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Paul Hampson Paul.Hampson at anu.edu.au
Sun Nov 9 19:31:48 EST 2003

On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 04:57:18PM +1100, Randall Crook wrote:
> Hi Y'all,

> I am thinking of getting an ADSL connection to replace the old dial-up.

> Any recommendations for a decent (read cheap) ISPs?

> thanks in advance.

I am part of an ISP (Bandwidth Unlimited[1]) but we're not the
cheapest game in town for ADSL. Very Linux friendly though.

If you're after an unlimited account, I'd suggest a Comindico
reseller. Inspired Networking[2] are a good price, and local to

And for an even cheaper option, my Mum's gone to OzEmail for
just under $50/month and has been well satisfied, after moving
up from a dialup which was probably costing her nearly as much.

None of these prices include the ADSL router, mind you. Budget
another $100-$300 up front for that. If you're lucky, you can
get a second-hand one from a former ADSL user (eg. someone who
moved up to TransACT. That's where my Mum's came from).

[1] http://www.bu.net.au/bu_plans.php
[2] http://www.inspired.net.au/unlimited.phtml
[3] http://homesite.service.ozemail.com.au/products/broadband/index_html#ozedslplans

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