[clug] Re: lyneham high's samba server

Nick Oliver nick at linux.act.edu.au
Fri Nov 7 07:14:54 EST 2003

Thanks so much everyone for the wise and helpful council.

Seems that DNS is the root cause of login delays on windows networks. 
Samba was just fine and skipping through 1000 users and 125 concurrent 
logins with aplomb.
We aren't out of the woods yet but pointing each workstations to one of 
the servers for dns seems to speed things up considerably. We aren't 
sure what changed but someone in the department's IT Support section 
said that each of the school system's Squid proxy boxes (one for each 
school) had been updated. I guess our workstations were relying on this 
box for dhcp and dns. Perhaps not. I am very very grateful for 
everyone's attention to the problem. I have learned a lot investigating 
everyone's suggestions. Many many thanks again

Lyneham High

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