[clug] lyneham high school's samba server

gbj gbj at theforce.com.au
Thu Nov 6 20:51:39 EST 2003

What I heard about roaming profiles is that they download temporary 
internet files as well.  That is probably where the lag is coming from.
You could script the removal of junk files like that.

Good luck

Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

>The only thing I know about slow roaming profiles is that NT servers rate
>limit the transfer of data to the client. So if your profiles are large they
>take forever because they're limited to slightly more than the speed of a
>Well, not that slow but certainly they don't saturate the bandwidth. I don't
>know if Samba implements this "feature".
>Hope this helps,
>On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 07:46:17AM +1100, Nick Oliver wrote:
>>Hello samba gurus,
>>I've been lurking for a bit and make this humble request for assistance.
>>At Lyneham High School in Canberra we use samba on a Linux server to 
>>provide DC and file/print sharing to win2k workstations locked down via 
>>ntconfig.pol. We also make available a cut down samba server for other 
>>schools to use free of charge called SNS (www.linux.act.edu.au). We 
>>have a problem with our 100 win2k workstations joining the domain (all 
>>from samba) with all their roaming profiles etc. The long delays in 
>>students logging in is a real chore.  I also must confess that we are 
>>very tight on money because we who are involved at school don't have 
>>control over the cheque books. I would like to ask if any of you might 
>>be interested in taking a look at our smb.conf and see if there is 
>>anything obvious about it that might be causing our long domain logins? 
>>I realise it is a bit of an ask but I'd be happy to show anyone round 
>>the school's setup. I also realise that the problem is probably not the 
>>linux end of things but dodgy setup of Win2k workstations.
>>We use samba 2.2.7
>>We use openldap for authentication
>>We probably don't need the domain features of samba but the bosses 
>>think we do.
>>Our server is a Dell 2500 running a PIII 1gig copermine  with scsi raid 
>>1 worth 40gig. 100BASE-T fully switched network with fiber backbone to 
>>all labs.
>>100 workstations all running same soe of win2k
>>Domain logins more than 10 minutes! ouch!
>>File sharing seems very speedy from the macs which aren't on the domain.
>>Our smb.conf is on the web site www.linux.act.edu.au under 
>>I suspect the workstations are at fault with their win2k domain chat 
>>but know that they are out of the scope of this list.
>>thanks in advance
>>Nick Oliver
>>English Teacher
>>Lyneham High School

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