[clug] Re: nitrogen cooled server

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Thu Nov 6 11:12:10 EST 2003

Darren Freeman said:
> Anyone remember the dry-ice/ethanol cooled PC? Foam box with motherboard
> in a plastic bag dipped in the slurry? That was me plus friends.

Dude, that rocked!

I can see it now... Dazza and friends sitting on their eskys at the
Summernats doing timing or something.  PC overheats.  D-man looks at the
bottle of Tooheys New in his hand, bends up a bit on the knees and peers
into the esky with the dry ice...
<cue "action man" kind of music - distorted guitar wail followed by drum
intro and some hard rock rhythm with a guitar solo>
Fade out/in and have some laughs and smiles and toasting of beer bottles,
and the obligatory hot babes, and a shot of the esky with a few cables
hanging out and some cars doing burnouts in the background and some
dragging with the timing working again.


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