[clug] Why wouldn't I use Debian.

Rob Shugg rshugg at kinetitech.com.au
Wed Nov 5 16:54:51 EST 2003

We use debian on all our servers, I have always found "non-commercial" 
support to be far more responsive and accessible than any commercial 


Telek, John wrote:

> I have been asked to build a box for a customer that will run linux.
> It only has 2 do 2 things. Mail relay and DNS.
> After giving it some thought and looking back on past experience, I have
> Given serious thought the using Debian stable rather than Redhat Pro.
> The only reason we use Redhat is because of the "commercial support"
> available.
> My concern is that this box is in a DMZ and I personally have found that
> security
> And updates are more often quicker delivered to the debian distro. Also,
> I find updating and
> Package management so much easier.
> Is their any reason, business or otherwise as to why I should not use
> debian.
>   John
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