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Rousak, Boris Boris.Rousak at actewagl.com.au
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This would be wonderful, unfortunately the file contains potentially up to
20 time stamps inside it, each of which has to be checked. So checking the
file creation/last modification time will only give me references to 2 of
the dates. I could however make a separate file for each date, couldn't
I....hmmm... Might have to try this. 
Thanks for all the advice :)

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On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 09:48:24AM +1100, Rousak, Boris did utter:

> This is a bit basic but I am having a mind blank :). I am trying to write
> script that will check a time stamp written in a file to see if it has
> an hour since it was made. The stamp is in a format, Nov 03 07:32:06. I am

Just occured to me - how important is it that you check since hte time
the file was /made/, compared to last modified?

`date` will give you seconds since epoch for hte modification time of a
file simply with:

date -r /path/to/file +%s

Comparing the result of that with date +%s then becomes very trivial. 

If the creation time is the important time, rather than modification,
then parsing the output of `ls` looks to be the solution. 
(something like (insert your own --time= option in as necessary):
date -d "`ls -o base3| awk -F' ' '{print $5" "$6" "$7}'`" +%s

Hope this helps 

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