[clug] USB memory sticks

Tomasz Ciolek tmc at dreamcraft.com.au
Mon Nov 3 23:34:05 EST 2003

The best way I have seen it done is to use the automount vs the
/dev/sd** device for the flash. Mind you does not always work nicely... 


On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 10:48:45PM +1100, Jan Newmarch wrote:
> Hi
> The main USB site www.linux-usb.org with the USB FAQ and 
> User-guide has been down for many days now. I am in China, with 
> lots of students expressing surprise that they just can't push
> their memory sticks into my USB port and have it available to 
> copy my files. They show up in lsusb but I don't know what device 
> they are or how to handle them. I am running Redhat 7.2 with 
> 2.4.20 kernel. Any clues?
> xie xie,
> Jan
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