[clug] free hardware continues

Simon Cousins simon at simoncousins.com
Mon Nov 3 11:59:14 EST 2003

Hi Cluggers,

In response to several messages I've received today, YES I still have quite
a bit of computing hardware and software to give away, at no charge.

Lots of SCSI disks and enclosures, lots of cables (network, PC, power, A/V,
etc), transformers of all kinds, a lonely TRS/80 and a couple of oddball
wordprocessing machines, LOTS of Mac software on CD, Zip and Jaz drives,
assorted odd hardware from decades past, etc.  A hobbyist's dream, one might
say ;-)

All must go before I bugger off to China in a few days.

Location Narrabundah, SMS me for address on 0409 988 191.



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