[clug] sec: unclassified - Help... Mac Flat screen

Ellis, LCDR Peter Peter.Ellis at defence.gov.au
Thu May 29 09:33:38 EST 2003

CLUG friends,
I have a request for 'off-list' assistance. 
A friend has an Apple monitor that has become a 'hip pocket on a singlet'. I
have known her since school days. She is a very self-assured 'professional
woman' who is a power- *user* of computers without knowing the first thing
about how to set them up; so she bought this Mac monitor second-hand from
her father thinking it would work with her PC. (see the story below) 
Could I have your collective wisdom, please, to help to:
a.    establish a fair price;
b.    find a reasonable method of selling it for her; 
Even better... If you know someone who wants to buy it, I will happily fill
in the contact details after vetting interested parties.
Thanks in anticipation,
Peter Ellis
W-(02) 62663535
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 11:48 PM
Subject: Mac Flat screen

Hi Peter,
If you can help me locate a good home for an excellent flat screen Apple
monitor, I'd be most grateful.  My father bought it for his first computer
in October 2001, and within a year wanted an even greater definition monitor
(he does high resolution stuff with optics). I bought it from him then, and
have been trying to get the connections for it to work on my PC ever since.
Finally did it, but my computer just can't drive it, so I wasted a week's
effort of another good friend doing all the connecting stuff, and many
months of research getting the right bits.
It is an Apple 17" Studio Flat screen monitor. Perfect condition, and very
stylish too, I may say. If I could sell it for $ x,xxx ono, that would be
great. Original cost: $2,300. My phone number for enquiries: 62 xx xxxx .
Thanks Peter,
Talk with you anon, perhaps,

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