[clug] Online protest against SCO

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Thu May 29 08:03:01 EST 2003

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On 28/05/03, 12:08:51 PM, Martin Pool <mbp at samba.org> wrote regarding Re: 
[clug] Online protest against SCO:

> On 27 May 2003, Simon Haddon <simon at sibern.com.au> wrote:

> > According to SCO it is not the specifics of the code that they are
> > concerned about.  It is the similarity that they are saying infringes on
> > their IP.

> SCO have made several contradictory statements over time, but they are
> now saying that there is verbatim SCO code in the Linux kernel.

I guess that if you can't win the game then you change the rules.  Maybe 
SCO want to die in a flame of glory^H^H^H^H^Hstupidity.

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