[clug] Mounting an SD card

Geoff Smith gsmith at geoffco.net
Wed May 28 22:20:01 EST 2003

It says it's an Iwill.

Some other info I've found:

[root at gcalaptop root]# cat /proc/scsi/scsi
Attached devices:
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00
   Vendor: 6-in-1   Model: CF/MD            Rev: 0202
   Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI SCSI revision: 02

[root at gcalaptop root]# cat /proc/scsi/usb-storage-0/0
    Host scsi0: usb-storage
        Vendor: IMGSYS-3
       Product: 6-in-1
Serial Number: 0211010000001
      Protocol: Transparent SCSI
     Transport: Bulk
          GUID: 04fc56020000211010000001
      Attached: Yes

I took out the SD card and put in a sony memory stick, I'm having the
same problems with it. I guess I'm really needing to find out how do I
access each different port.... In windows they show up as four
individual drives.


Tomasz Ciolek wrote:
> Hmmm
> What brand is the reader?
> As far as I can tell there are some which initialise up to 5 or 6 scsi
> devices wheb connected (have one here). is there other scsi devices
> being shown??
> Tomasz Ciolek
> On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 09:39:03PM +1000, Geoff Smith wrote:
>>May 28 21:03:09 gcalaptop kernel: Attached scsi removable disk sda at 
>>scsi0, channel 0, id 0, lun 0
>>May 28 21:03:09 gcalaptop kernel: sda : READ CAPACITY failed.
>>May 28 21:03:09 gcalaptop kernel: sda : status = 1, message = 00, host = 
>>0, driver = 08
>>May 28 21:03:09 gcalaptop kernel: Current sd00:00: sense key Not Ready
>>May 28 21:03:09 gcalaptop kernel: Additional sense indicates Medium not 
>>May 28 21:03:09 gcalaptop kernel: sda : block size assumed to be 512 
>>bytes, disk size 1GB.
>>May 28 21:03:09 gcalaptop kernel:  sda: I/O error: dev 08:00, sector 0
>>May 28 21:03:09 gcalaptop kernel:  I/O error: dev 08:00, sector 0
>>May 28 21:03:09 gcalaptop kernel:  unable to read partition table
>>Not sure why it says the medium isn't present...
>>[root at gcalaptop root]# fdisk /dev/sda
>>Unable to read /dev/sda
>>Could it be that /dev/sda isn't actually the SD slot, but one of the 
>>others like compactflash? How can I find out what each slot actually is?
>>Brad Hards wrote:
>>>Hash: SHA1
>>>On Wed, 28 May 2003 21:14 pm, Geoff Smith wrote:
>>>>I just bought a Canon IXUS II digital camera, which seems to be as yet
>>>>unsupported in linux, at least it's not a USB mass storage device. So,
>>>>no dramas, I have a USB SD card reader that does work as a mass storage
>>>>device. When I plug it in, it shows up no worries in /var/log/messages.
>>>It should tell you what the SCSI device is. Can you post an extract?
>>>>Where I'm striking problems is actually mounting the SD card. The reader
>>>>is a 6-in-1 type (CF/Microdrive, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, SD/MMC). I'm
>>>>pretty confident that the SD port is /dev/sda. However, when I tried to
>>>>mount it, I get this message:
>>>>[root at gcalaptop root]# mount /dev/sda /mnt/camera
>>>>/dev/sda: Input/output error
>>>>mount: you must specify the filesystem type
>>>As Tomasz said, try fat or vfat.
>>>>So my question has become, what is the filesystem type? I checked in
>>>>windows, and it seemed to think it was a RAW filesystem. Does that make
>>>>sense to anyone? On another laptop that has a built in SD card reader
>>>>(also running windows xp pro), it simply said the card wasn't formatted.
>>>fdisk /dev/sda, and print out the partition table?
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