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David Singleton dbs900 at anusf.anu.edu.au
Mon May 26 17:23:48 EST 2003

If anyone is interested in this position, please reply to Jill

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I will soon be losing Vojislav Zelkovic who (happily for him) has 
taken up the full-time position of IT Officer for the new Medical 
School. His position with me was half-time and I would like to 
replace him as soon as possible, especially as he is working some 
hours in the afternoons for next few weeks so overlap is possible. I 
am looking to make a 6 month initial appointment without 
advertisement, as done for Vojislav - whose position was then 
advertised internally. The duties of the position are shown in the 
Duty Statement below. The person needs to be available to work 
afternoons.  The salary is at ANU07 level. The position may suit 
someone who wants to "break into" the ANU IT system by getting 
experience in an academic environment (i.e. like Vojislav who was in 
the job for about a year), but ideally I would like someone who might 
be available for at least a year.

Vojislav's position is complemented by shared and other work on my 
Group's computing needs done by Dr Peter Cummins, my Research 
Officer, who has "long-term knowledge" of our system. So the position 
is not totally stand-alone;  However, the expectation is that the 
half-time position will do most of the actual work so Peter can 
concentrate on his research as much as possible. The Group has about 
10 people (PhD students, postdocs and visitors) undertaking 
computer-based research, and we have significant computer 
infrastructure in addition to personal workstations for each Group 
member, including 2 large file servers, a firewall, a web server 
(under construction), 3 SGI Octane workstations, printers and a range 
of commercial and other applications software installed.

I would appreciate suggestions of people who might be suitable candidates.



Current Duties of Group Computer Officer (half-time)

50% Interact with, and provide assistance to, Group members 
undertaking computational and bioinformatic research projects:

a) Devise and implement protocols for handling of data generated by 
large-scale computation to facilitate further analysis, job tracking 
and scheduling. This will include setting up web-based interfaces and 
other procedures on Group computers and web server.
b) Develop web-based interfaces for handling and analysis of genome data.

50% Co-manage Group computing infrastructure of SGI and LINUX 
workstations, and linked MAC and PC user workstations, and installed 
specialist software:

a) Perform installation and upgrades of system, networking and 
file-sharing software. Manage system and user file systems, including 
development and maintenance of effective redundancy mechanisms and 
monitoring and replacement of hard drives.
b) Maintain, and upgrade as necessary, appropriate system security 
measures, including the Group's system firewall.
c) Maintain the Group's printers, and print queue management.

d) Perform installation and upgrades of third-party software, 
including specialist commercial and other modeling and bioinformatic 
software. Organize software licences and maintenance contracts.

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