[clug] tonight's CLUG

Robert Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Thu May 22 10:29:07 EST 2003

I'll be bringing along a Single Board Computer (SMC) running Linux to 
tonight's CLUG. It is based on an AMD Elan CPU (sort of like a 133Mhz 486) 
and is supposed to run on very little power. This board has no video, audio, 
keyboard, mouse, IDE, floppy etc. but does have Ethernet (of course!), USB, 
PCMCIA, Compact Flash, 3 serial ports, PC-104 bus and heaps of digital I/O. I 
hope that it might be useful for a home-based embedded application I am 
looking at working on. Anyone interested is free to come along and take a 
peak etc.


Bob Edwards.

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