[clug] Module loading question

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Mon May 19 13:27:43 EST 2003

james canberra (james_canberra at hotmail.com) wrote:

> Note that I don't really understand what agpgart does so all of the above 
> might be very confused....

It permits the extra features of an AGP port which will otherwise behave
like a PCI device (iirc).  This means the extra bandwidth for shuttling
textures and the enhanced clock rate.

> Also related, I saw somewhere that there is a switch to make AGP run at 4 
> speed, any suggestions there?

That goes in the driver section of your XF86Config-4 file.  You'll need
something like

Options "AGPMode" "4"

though the config option name differs between the various drivers.  It's
usually documented in their manual page though.  Have a read, and if
that fails "strings" the driver and look for the config options, it'll
be obvious :)

Just one note on this - get it right.  At least with the matrox driver
if you choose a value which is unsupported on your system, it'll fall
back to 1x mode.  Better than nothing, but probably not what you expect.

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