[clug] Looking for new ADSL provider

John newsx1 at bestpond.com
Sun May 18 09:08:12 EST 2003

Hi Stephen,

> > My Telstra contact (512/128 3 GB/month) is coming to an end and the
> > recent outages not allowing me to log on is pushing me to look for
> > alternatives.
I too am off contract, and have been for some time. I am waiting for 
the new "churn" process to be active across the ISP's, Telstra 
announced it far too early.

I found that the best source of info was on whirlpool and after 
considerable research I believe that Internode has the best offering 
with their 4.5Gb, 8Gb or Flat rate plans. apart from the plans, which 
are not the cheapest, but are better than Telstra's they also have 
gaming servers and mirror sites. Their support reputation is 

> >
> > What have others done in a similar situation.
> >
> > I need to be able to run servers (so no blocking of port 25, 80),
> > fixed IP would be nice but I can cope with dynamic. Also free
> > downloads from a download server or a large monthly download
> > allocation would be nice. Do uploads get metered. And reliablility -
> > did I mention reliability.
> >
I run a mail server and will be able to do this OK with Internode. You 
can use ZoneEdit or dyndns etc to overcome your dynamic IP. 
Uploads do not get metered!

I had a look at the Canberra ISP's again, but they don't really match 
up. I even looked at Transact again and I really cannot see why 
anyone chooses them their pricing is ridiculous compared to the 
quality ADSL services available.

> > Your recommendations and experience are most welcome.
> >

Good luck with your research, by the way I understand that APC 
magazine have recomended Internode.


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