[clug] Signs from God

James james at heague.com.au
Fri May 16 15:53:18 EST 2003

>And if people actually read the piece, and think it has anything to do
>with Christianity at all (well, hey, it mentions God and Hell and the
>Devil a lot) then you need to look no further than this one statement to

Agreed. Door to door evangelism, and now religious spam? it all gives
religion (and Christianity) a bad name.

I get the impression that this is from some small cult, or just one guy with
some funny ideas. and how does he figure the garden of Eden is in Iraq?
It's got a bit of judahism, christianity, and some muslim mixed in. I
especially like the nazi hating bits. Nice touch.

Back on topic ... does debian include the koran, Tao Te Ching and the four
noble truths yet? It is debian after all ;-)


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