[clug] CLUG List-Id (was: RE: Linux and Engine Management Systems)

Dale Shaw DShaw at exceed.com.au
Wed May 14 15:23:28 EST 2003

Crazy! The mailman upgrade also removed the word "bodgy" from between
"Broke my" and "filter" in my original post! I can't find anything about
this feature in the release notes.

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From: Nemo -earth native- [mailto:nemo at cheeky.house.cx] 
Sent: Wednesday, 14 May 2003 3:21 PM
To: Dale Shaw
Cc: linux at samba.org

On Wed, May 14, 2003 at 02:18:55PM +1000, Dale Shaw did utter:
> Is it just me, or did the mailman 'List-Id' header just change from:
>  List-Id: Canberra Linux User Group <linux.lists.samba.org>
>                                    ^
> ..to:
>  List-Id: Canberra Linux User Group  <linux.lists.samba.org>
>                                    ^^

My procmail wrote:

* ^(X-list: |Sender: owner-|X-BeenThere: |Delivered-To: mailing list
|X-(Mailing-)?List: <|X-Loop: )\/[-A-Za-z0-9_+]+

> Broke my filter :-)

I didn't notice ;)


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