[clug] Linux and Engine Management Systems

Robert Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Tue May 13 10:13:09 EST 2003

Great link! Thanks Antony! I don't think I'll be needing the RS-232C convertor 
as the SBC I am using already has TTL (+5V) serial ports available (I am 
using one for the GPS interface (TTL), one for the old Nokia GSM phone 
(probably RS-232) and the third, hopefully, for the EMS).

Any idea where to purchase the connectors for the interface from?

I also found some old issues of Silicon Chip magazine that have articles 
describing the interface etc. to the various EMS's.

Now I just have to get cracking with some PERL or something (I wonder if I can 
fit a whole PERL interpreter and libs into my little SBC? - might have to 
stick with tried and trusted plain old C).


Bob Edwards.

On Tue, 13 May 2003 09:33 am, Antony Wuth wrote:
> Robert Edwards (Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au) wrote:
> > A sort of Linux'y question: anyone on this list played with interfacing
> > to their car's Engine Management System? Care to share your experiences?
> > Any tips on mailing lists/we sites I should look out for? I am
> > particularly interested in Holden Commodore VS series 2 with 3.8l V6
> > engines, but any tips or pointers would be welcome.
> The interface you are looking for is an ALDL (from memory) - I have seen
> data being logged from a commodore - basically the stream it sends out is a
> 8192 (also from memory) serial stream - which will need to be converted to
> a 'normal' PC serial via a converter such as a max232 chip.
> The protocol is well documented, what isn't is what each manufacturer
> uses for each parameter - although a lot if the info you need can be
> found / deduced. There is windoze software of variable expense that
> *may* help decipher most of the codes.
> I have made a adapter circuits for a few people in the past - the board
> is really simple & should only cost about $20 in parts (probably less)
> http://www.techedge.com.au/vehicle/aldl8192/8192hw.htm might get you
> started.
> Hope it helps
> Antony

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