[clug] Linux and Engine Management Systems

James james at heague.com.au
Tue May 13 08:46:07 EST 2003

There has always been a bit of controversy over the computer interfaces with
cars. Most car manufacturers (and Holden, i think) refuse to disclose
details of how to communicate with their engine computers. This was
upsetting some mechanics as only holden certified mechanics can troubleshoot
holden EMSs.

Having said that, I'm certain someone has leaked this on the net, or worked
out what's going on thru trial and error.

A very interesting project tho, I've been wanting to do something of this
sort too. (dreams of telemitry consoles as seen in the fast & the furious
flash in my mind). I'd also love to know what that cute little light with
the exclamation mark that sometimes comes on means. I've checked my engine's
punctuation filter, and I'm sure I don't have any elclamation marks stuck in
my engine :~)


> A sort of Linux'y question: anyone on this list played with interfacing to
> their car's Engine Management System? Care to share your experiences? Any
> tips on mailing lists/we sites I should look out for? I am particularly
> interested in Holden Commodore VS series 2 with 3.8l V6 engines, but any
> or pointers would be welcome.
> I am in the process of redesigning my in-car system and want to hook into
> EMS this time, if possible. All running Linux, of course.
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.

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