[clug] SPAM

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue May 6 09:37:23 EST 2003

On  5 May 2003, Steven Hanley <sjh at wibble.net> wrote:

> > > Perhaps the list administrator could change this list so only
> > > subscribers could post?

We might try that.

> Well I notice the debia lists have spam protection happening, probably
> spamassassin and something else or similar.

I see that despite that, there are still a few spams per day.

> I wonder if we should instead ask Tim or Martin to look into
> filtering the list through something like that,

We already filter out about 20 spams per day, per list.  :-)  It's not a
matter of turning on filtering, rather of fine tuning it.  I agree
that at the moment it's a bit too loose.

I wish Alston would worry more about genuine problems like spam and
less about teenagers wanting to look at nekkid women.


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