[clug] MTU and webserving

Andrew Donehue andrew at donehue.net
Fri May 2 14:28:53 EST 2003

Hi All,
              This may be a bit OT, but I am curious if anyone has any 
There seems to be an interesting situation with *some* Commindico based 
ADSL connections where the end user has to lower their MTU settings to 
be able to use the connection.  They can use dns sometimes - larger 
zones come through okay, but small zones seem to fail. -  It is often a 
time consuming process to tell someone over the phone how to lower their 
MTU settings....  If I lowered the MTU settings on a webserver - would 
that in theory allow users to view webpages on it okay (and retrieve DNS 
info from it)?  -  (And would there be any real performance issues on 
the webserver, I would set the MTU to 1300) - (running a 2.2 series 
kernel - and the server is reasonably popular - anywhere between 
10-60mbits of outgoing data at any time) - .

I am on a commindico based ADSL connection now - but am not having the 
problem :)

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


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