OT: ACT Broadband providers

Nathan Robertson nathanr at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Mar 31 21:54:04 EST 2003


This might be slightly off topic, but I just got off my 18 month 
Telstra ADSL contract and am looking around for what the best deals are 
at the moment. In particular, I'd be interested in hearing which 
providers give a respectable news feed (which I've heard counts WebOne 
out - my girlfriend ssh's to TIP to read news because of that).

I just had a look at inspired.net.au's new plans, which are unlimited 
traffic for $68 (256/64) and $88 (512/128), which seemed quite good for 
mine. Internode appear to have some tempting deals too, but I haven't 
heard anything either way about their service. Other than that, 
everything looks pretty much the same (mostly without a similar free 
download service of Linux ISOs that http://files.bigpond.com provides 
to Bigpond customers).

What do people think?


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