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Steven Hanley sjh at
Sun Mar 30 22:06:36 EST 2003

On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 02:27:34PM +0200, Dirk Hombrecher wrote:
> can anybody explain me how to setup setup samba in order to access the
> windows discs of the same machine, i.e. windows is shutdown and Linux is
> online.

You do not use Samba for this. Samba is only for accessing live windows
shares over a network.

To access the iwndows drives while running linux you must mount the windows
filesystems. If you have used fat32 this is easy and works fine for read and
write. However more recent windows machines all tend to use ntfs, there is
working read support available for ntfs however write support is still
somewhat unstable/dangerous AFAIK.

Look at man mount anyway and it will explain how to go about mounting a

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