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Karl Schaffarczyk karl at
Sat Mar 29 11:46:32 EST 2003

Hi Alfred,
Inspired can do this for $27.50/year Australian Dollars, inc GST.

Let me know if you need further info.


>I have a .org domain comming up for renewal this year with Network 
>Solutions and they are asking $35/year... The domain name is 
>important to me (it hosts an open source app with a reasonably large 
>community behind it) so I am pretty risk adverse, but $35/year is a 
>bit too pricy for me.
>So, can anyone suggest a low cost, no hassles domain registrar to transfer to?


Inspired Networking                                 PO Box 132
karl at                                Braddon ACT 2612
Ph: 1300 30 1222 (customer priority line only)
Ph: 02 6262 6962 (anyone else)                      3/54 Northbourne Av
Fx: 02 6230 1223 (everyone!)                        Canberra City

Website Hosting (dedicated virtual server) from AUD$16.50/month!
Permanent connections from $60.50/month!
Dialup access from $1.10/hour or $24.95/month time unlimited!
Coverage: National local call coverage!

prices include GST.

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