Pre-CLUG drinks

Daniel McNamara daniel at
Mon Mar 24 09:51:49 EST 2003

Hi all,

Anybody up for some pre-CLUG drinks at the ANU bar around sixish?

We could use it as an excuse to give Michael a belated congratulory round
of drinks on the safe arrival of his second child. As we all know his
first child has been sold to Microsoft as per contract :)

Any takers?



> The March CLUG meeting is next Thursday night
> (27 March 2003) at 7pm in room N101, on
> the ground floor of the Computer Science and
> Information Technology building at the ANU.
> (Please note that I originally advertised this
> for Thursday last week, and was _wrong_. I am
> now _right_ about this week. It's nice for
> everything to be back to normal).
> As always, don't forget about the pizza, so come
> hungry and bring about $6 to cover the cost of
> your share if you want some.
> See for more directions and
> a map.
> Also, those dodgy Telstra folk wont let me
> download free ISOs any more, so I have no new
> CDs to offer. The old ones are still available
> however. Checkout for a
> list...

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