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Sat Mar 22 15:11:39 EST 2003

Does anyone know if they have sound backing. Im quite interested in them but
as Chris Fletcher said

Once bitten twice shy.

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> All
> I was asked by one of the people involved to mention this on the list.
> The ISP interact is being restarted by a few of the people who worked for
> years ago (and since had moved on to work for isecure).
> Anyway they will have an unlimited download account for broadband users
> available, they will offer adsl, transact, DOV (data over voice, where you
> have an isdn modem using but over the voice channels on a phone line so
> do not have to pay excessive amounts to telstra (simply the $20/pmonth per
> channel rental that voice lines cost, rather than heaps) and traditional
> modems.
> Anyway if anyone is interested look on the website I suppose and email
> for more details.
> See You
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